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A Peek Into The Universes Before Unicorn Jelly



The KHEX chapter contains Khex class universes. A Khex class cosmos is defined as being those that contain infinite planes of matter in some fashion. The cosmos of Widlan, here, is a prime example of one kind of khex class cosmos. Widlan appears as an infinite, flat plane, with an apparently infinite atmosphere above it, as though the entire universe was half earth, and half air. In actuality, Widlan is more complex, being dimensionally wrapped so that it really consists of two planes. One of these is a plane of 'earth' that has only one side...if one were to dig down far enough, one would eventually come up somewhere else on the vast plane. The second plane is one of energy, 'fire' if you will, that extends far above, and parallel to, the plane of 'earth'. The inside of the Earth plane contains a layer of matter that is at Absolute Zero, and between the deathly cold of the middle of the earth plane, and the deadly fire of the Sunwall above, lays a temperate surface.

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