Daeus Ekins Makineri, born to a long family line of Alchemists dating back to the original settlement of Gryrnu from the worldplate of Myrmil, was the spoiled darling of his aristocratic family. As a child, young Daeus displayed an awesome grasp of mechanics and basic physical laws, and at the age of 13 invented a triple ratcheted pulley system now used universally on all sailing vessels, and in the lifting of material goods. Proud of their especially gifted offspring, Daeus' mother, Yila Ekins Makineri, and father, Doragus Torin Makineri boasted of their expectation that their child would one day ascend to the Alchemy Seat in the Gryrnu Governmental Council. Groomed from childhood to be the head of the Alchemist Faction, Daeus was under constant tutelage and pressure.

It came as both a horrendous shock, and bitter disappointment when, at the age of 19, Daeus almost singlehandedly instigated the most contested and severe strike that the Alchemist's Union had ever seen. Perhaps actually done as an act of rebellion, or because of rumors of a lower order lover among the ranks of the Alchemist hierarchy, Daeus himself, at the time, seemed genuinely concerned with the plight of the low level Alchemists that keep the basic functions of Gryrnu society working. With Witches in charge of matters cultural, agricultural, spiritual and medical, it fell to the Alchemists to handle not only the pleasures of research, but more commonly, the mundane work of sewage, construction, manufacture, and irrigation. Low level Alchemists endured low-paying jobs as glorified sewer and labor workers, and angry over this, the high born Makineri virtually brought the civilization to a stop. Striking for better wages, better opportunities for advancement, and for basic respect, the Alchemists Rebellion gained enormous momentum and power because it was lead by the very person destined to become head of the Alchemists as a group.

Although the strike ended with significant gains for the lowest ranks of the highly stratified Alchemists, Daeus's association with "The Rabble" effectively ended any hope his parents had of seeing their son lead the Faction. Disgraced and embarrassed, the Makineri's all but withdrew entirely from the bitter political world of high level Alchemy and effectively disowned their own son. There was much speculation about the events surrounding the end of the labor rebellion, not the least of which were the disappearance, for several months, of most of the entire Makineri clan, and the sudden hemorrhagic death of Daeus' beloved sister. Not everyone was equally displeased with Daeus, the lowest ranks of Alchemists all but universally felt that if Daeus had been made the Alchemy Seat, it would have been a better world for everyone. There were some, even among the aristocratic ranks who agreed...but all of this was academic, Daeus' career in politics, and homelife, was ruined.

Bitter, and a strangely changed man, Daeus, after achieving his double doctorates in Advanced Mechanisms and Theoretical Physics, sought some taste of his former glory in the position of Union Boss of the Alchemists Local 536 in Gyranfryll Wabe. His previous efforts on behalf of the lesser Alchemist Ranks touched the heart of certain members of the Gryrnu Council, and Daeus fanatical devotion to a cause was seen as a positive quality in a guardian of the Gryrnu culture. Appointed Cultural Binder at the age of 27, Daeus seemed to be once again, slightly on the rise. Never again, however, was Daeus seen to oppose the government in any capacity, and several times publicly repudiated his eariler ideology. Many believed that such statements were not made of his own free will, but under the pressure of the Council.   

Privately, the cruel circumstances of his early political efforts, and his secret conviction of the intrinsic corruption of Gryrnu society brought him in contact with...certain elements...and the creation of a very secret society. Now with a renewed sense of purpose, Daeus covertly works to achieve what he believes is the ultimate good for all of Gryrnu, and especially that of the common non-aristocatic working Alchemist, through means both hidden and ruthless.

Apparently a loner, it is believed that Daeus distrusts everyone, and has shown paranoid tenancies of late. His relationship with his Assistant Cultural Binder, Muri Kazemahou is is clear that at first he considered her appointment an insult, or perhaps the institution of a spy upon his affairs. In fact, this is not entirely without error, as many on the Council came to feel that Daeus needed watching.

It is clear that Daeus feels betrayed, that he has strong issues with the aristocracy of the Alchemist Faction, and desperately wants to regain his lost potential, and the respect of the working Alchemist. Most of all, he his driven to right what he feels is the enslavement of the common man by a powerful elite, and desires the elevation of the laborer at any cost. He is personally disdainful of the Witches, and considers the entire Witch faction as a hindrance and a blight which holds civilization back from greatness, something which, if it had been known, would have precluded his appointment as a Cultural Binder. 



Dr. Daeus Makineri is a meticulous, methodical, and very cold man. Inwardly he may rage with anger and bitter resentment, but outwardly he always remains soft spoken, if a bit rude. He considers himself to be a clever speaker, but more often is simply a tactless and abrupt one. Daeus imagines himself as a disinherited savior, as a shining and compassionate beacon that was kept from his rightful greatness. At one time, this very well may have been not entirely wrong, but now, most of Daeus' daily thoughts are filled with memories of lost dreams, betrayal, and bitter anger. Seldom, anymore, does Daeus dream of a happy, better world where all Alchemists are valued and given equal opportunity. Privately, he plots revenge upon the elite, and imagines the violent overthrow of the existing social order.

Daeus is a curious and inquisitive man, and he prides himself on what he knows, and how cleverly he thinks. He is the author of three books: "The Makineri Guide to Gears and Ratios", a popular entry level textbook of basic mechanisms, and a children's book "The Little Alchemist Of Grindle Bend". The latter is a remarkably tender and sweet story of a bright young Alchemist that, through reason and compassion, brings the diverse fantasy animal-people of the mythical Grindle Bend together, and ultimately saves the day with clever engineering and invention, diverting a flood and stopping a fire. Daeus also secretly writes exceedingly beautiful music, which he never shows to anyone.

Aside from his many supporters and admirers in the local Alchemist 536, Makineri cannot be said to actually have any friends. He seems to...make use of his Assistant, Muri Kazemahou...from time to time, but it is doubtful that such dalliance actually means anything to least in a positive way.

Although he keeps his inner world a secret, those who have had the misfortune to accidentally bump into him, or to step on his toes, have seen murderous rage flash in his eyes, something they never forget. Only once has Daeus Makineri ever been charged with a crime: shortly after the death of his mother (he was not invited to the funeral, indeed his presence was excluded deliberately), Daeus was arrested for brutally torturing and finally clubbing a pet hog, the favorite and mascot of Plum Orchard Wiccan Academy, to death. He offered no explanation or apology, paid his considerable fines on the spot, and left.     


Daeus Ekins Makineri
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Occupation: Research Alchemist and Union Leader for Alchemist's Local 536, Official Cultural Binder of Gyranfryll Wabe
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Height 6' 2", Weight 256 lbs. Black eyes, Black hair, pale skin.

STR STRENGTH          10    (+0)
DEX DEXTERITY         18    (+4)
INT INTELLIGENCE      16    (+3)
WIS WISDOM           16    (+3)
CHA CHARISMA          14    (+2)

FORTITUDE         3
REFLEX                 5
WILL                     16

AC  13
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY           3.0  (Bisexual)
RELIGION        Atheist

Superior Mechanical Aptitude
Musical Excellence


Writing and Literature 3
Advanced Physics 4
Mathematics 4
Statistical Analysis 3
Mechanical Construction and Design 3
Social Manipulation 2
Politics 3
Concentration 4
Knowledge, Alchemy 4
Political Instigation 4
Torture 2


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script

Magickal Abilities:

None. They do not exist. Sheer poppycock. Bah.


Spring loaded extending knife
Chemical powered pocket projectile blade cannon
Extending, spring-mounted boot blades


Alchemists Uniform
Private Journal
Pocket Drafting Set
Measuring Roll and Wheel
Alchemists Rigid Multi-Lensed Glasses
Threaded-Bolt Ponytail Clasp
Masterwork Leather Boots


2,698,374 Til in Bank
Research Alchemists Grant of 234,000 Til, annually
Alchemists Union Salary of 55,000 Til/ annually
Cultural Binder Salary of 150,000 Til/ annually
Secret Income 200-400 K Til, annually, variable.
Many, many investments, not all listed or known.



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